Modular Skid saves months from client’s schedule

Typically 4 to 6 months are required for erection and commissioning of a skid of equipment at the customers’ site. The activity involves multiple agencies like engineering contractors, equipment suppliers and contractors for structural framework, piping construction, electrical and instrumentation work. Coordination between these agencies to keep the costs and schedules on track is a huge challenge.

An overseas customer approached Technoforce for supply of a specialized high vacuum distillation equipment as a skid mounted system. We manufactured the skid, which included our equipment, interconnected piping, pumps, instrumentation, all mounted onto a structural frame. The customer could save about three months from their schedule.

Now, Technoforce has dedicated teams for design and manufacturing of skids. The designers are adept in using software tools for 3 D models having minute details so that customers can visualize and review the plant from operation and maintenance point of views. The structure is designed in accordance with international codes. The skid is manufactured in our shops, under close supervision of our designers. Since different skills required are available at one place, many of these activities happen in parallel to save on execution time.

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) involving pressure and vacuum testing of the final skid, checking the working of pumps, cabling, control loops and control program software are done in our shops before dispatch of modules to the customer. Therefore when it reaches the site, the entire plant gets ready for commissioning within a few weeks.


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We have well equipped Pilot Test Centres in Nashik, India & Geleen, the Netherlands.


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